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Day One

Connect with Market Strategies and Application Insights

Day One of Connect provides you with views on today's vital industry issues. Each session features a panel of experts from leading companies around the world.

Session Descriptions for Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Industry Overview
The mobile industry continues to grow at an explosive rate with total subscribers expected to break the 3 billion mark this year. The mobile landscape is taking on a new shape, however, as the majority of the growth comes from the developing markets. After years of building out sophisticated networks, and focusing on increased data rates as the key to driving new services, the focus has shifted to providing new and innovative services regardless of network type and technology. A panel of experts will give their views on the effect of these changes to the industry as a whole and what these shifts mean for service innovation.

Moderator:  Bob Schechter, Chairman of the Board and CEO, NMS
Andrew Bud, Executive Chairman and Founder, mBlox
Hassan Ahmed, Ph.D., CEO and Chairman, Sonus Networks
Jud Bowman, CTO, Motricity
Seamus McAteer, Chief Product Architect and Senior Analyst, M:Metrics, Inc.
Michael Scully, Director of Music, Mobile Content and Data, Virgin Mobile USA

Application Innovation
Behind every successfully launched service is an innovative application developer. Innovation can be driven by geography, culture, user behavior, or need. At the end of it all, a successful application delivers a positive return on investment to the operator and a tangible value to the consumer. Join our global panel of application innovators as they take us through several real-world examples of application innovation. They will describe the benefits to the end user and expose the business models that make each of these a viable and valuable service.

Moderator: John Orlando, Chief Marketing Officer, NMS
Colm Healy, CEO, XIAM
Stan Reiss, General Partner, Matrix Partners
Seamus McAteer, Chief Product Architect and Senior Analyst, M:Metrics, Inc.
Sunil Vemuri, Co-founder and CPO, QTech, Inc.
Nicolas Arauz, Co-founder and Managing Director, Xipto

The User?
Moving beyond the mix of ever-expanding networks and technology choices, the mobile industry is finally focusing on improving the end user experience. Many diverse elements contribute to the end user experience, including consistency and design of handset interfaces across handset vendors, the capabilities of the operators’ specific networks across different environments, the ability to target contextually relevant offers to subscribers, as well as provide meaningful content and functionality. Join a panel of experts from various players in the user experience ecosystem in examining what some believe to be the most important element that will drive the adoption of any new service.

Moderator: Dean Bubley, Founder, Disruptive Analysis
Ewald Anderl, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Kirusa
John Puterbaugh, Ph.D., Founder and Chief Strategist, Nellymoser
Jud Bowman, Chief Technology Officer, Motricity
Russ McGuire, Strategy, Sprint Nextel
Ken Olewiler, Managing Director, PUNCHCUT

Community Goes Mobile
MySpace and YouTube are emblematic of the explosive growth of the web community, and user-generated content is at the forefront of this trend. It doesn’t take much to imagine what our world would be like if the 3+ billion subscriber base could act as user-generated content end points, providing real-time content feeds to their particular communities of interest. The possibilities are endless and the opportunity is large. Join a panel of experts from both the web and mobile worlds to talk about the reality of the mobile community, the potential value of and issues involving user-generated content, and how the future might look when we’re all “creating and sharing”, anytime, everywhere.

Moderator: Dave Penny, VP Business Development, NMS
Prakash Iyer, Founder and CEO, envIO networks
Nicolas Arauz, Co-founder and Managing Director, Xipto LLC
Dan Melinger, CEO, Socialight
Jouni Welander, Head of New Solutions US, Nokia Siemens Networks

Mashups: Web Meets Telco
Defined as a web site or application that combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience, Mashups are a hot topic. While web developers work towards inspiring derivative third-party applications based on their application, something they do by providing rich public APIs to their applications, the telco world works in a much more silo’ed fashion. Now, as we move towards web 2.0, the obvious question is how we enable web developers to cross over to the mobile world. Join a panel of web and mobile experts to discuss the current realities and benefits for web/telco Mashup .

Moderator:  Joel Hughes, General Manager, Mobile Applications, NMS
Matt Gross, Director of Product Management, WHERE by uLocate Communications
Kevin Nethercott, President and COO, LignUp
Michael Zirngibl, President and CEO, Angel.com
Alan Quayle, Consultant, Business and Service Development
Allen Smith, Chief Evangelist, WHERE by uLocate Communications

Increasing Service Velocity
After much hype about IMS, the industry is increasingly focused on one of the many promises of this network evolution, “increased service velocity” for the operator. As part of the IMS architecture, the service delivery platform provides the means to create and deliver rich media applications quickly and easily in the operator’s network. Unlike the silos that exist within operator networks today, the service delivery platform provides a horizontal layer that enables use of network resources for multiple applications. Is it all that simple? Hear from a panel of experts who are well-experienced in the realities of IMS and understand what’s involved in improving service delivery and service velocity.

Moderator: Brough Turner, Senior Vice President and CTO, NMS
Jouni Welander, Head of New Solutions US, Nokia Siemens Networks
Kjell M. Johansson, Director of Solutions Management, Multimedia, Market Unit North America, Ericsson
Douglas Tucker, CTO NA, Ubiquity Software Corporation
Susan Norris, Communications Industry Advisor, Norport Technology Management Consulting

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