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Speaker Biographies

Application Innovation

Ricky Chan, Vice President, Sales and Business Development, APAC, Vidiator
Mr. Ricky Chan is the Vice President, Sales and Business Development, APAC and based in Hong Kong. In this role, Mr. Chan oversees Vidiator’s Sales and Business Development Organization in the entire Asia Pacific region. Mr. Chan joined Vidiator in 2006 to head the business of Asia-Pacific region, prior to which he was the General Manager, Asia Pacific of Actix Limited and responsible for the operation of Asia Pacific Region. Ricky Chan has more than 20-years of sales, marketing and management experience in the telecommunications industry. He joined Nortel Networks Asia Limited in 1996 where he assumed several senior sales and marketing managerial positions including Director of Sales and Marketing, North Asia Mobility; General Manager of Global Carriers and Alliances, Asia Pacific; General Manager of Chief Technology Officers, Asia Pacific and General Manager of Account Management, Hong Kong. Ricky Chan was born in Hong Kong and holds both a Master's degree in Engineering Business Management from The University of Warwick, UK and a Master's degree in Business Administration from Asia International Open University, Macau. He is also a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK.

Joseph Lai, Director, Business Development, EMMA
Joseph Lai is the founder and Business Development Director of Emma Global (Hong Kong) Limited and has extensive experience in Gaming and Information Technology. In 1990, Joseph began his professional in software and gaming development work, and has been on software architect for companies throughout Greater China region and South East Asia. Since founding Emma Global in 2005, Joseph has produced (and continues to produce) mobile video games and other gaming products for 3G operators, all have been launched at Hong Kong, Macau and South East Asia. Currently, Joseph dedicates himself to producing high-quality 3G video games and platforms that mobile users can enjoy greatest happiness. Emma Global continues to work closely with telecom operators and other business partners to provide the most brilliant mobile services in 3G era.

Ben Chiu, Executive Vice President & Co-founder, NaturalTel Communications

Starting from the beginning of the company, he leaded the team to successfully deploy the speech-enabled music search services for major mobile operators in Taiwan. These services have dramatically affected the way of music search as well as the way of CRM for mobile music. As coming of the 3G era, Ben leaded the company to create the video application platform iLiveShare™. The iLiveShare™ platform has been widely adopted by major Taiwan 3G operators for delivering video surveillance, video sharing, visual music portal, and friend-making applications. Ben holds an Electronic Engineering mater degree from National Taiwan University. He has more than ten-year experience in speech recognition, voice user interface design, natural language process, and video communication industries.

John Sun, Senior Marketing Manager, Datang Mobile Communications Equipment
Mr. Sun Yizhong (John) is the Senior Business Development Manager of DTmobile. He has extensive technical knowledge, project management and business experience including TD-SCDMA handset, provider networks and service networks. He also has a broad interest and vast knowledge in the mobile internet and value added services area.

Regional Trends and Opportunities

Kazuo Shimazaki, Senior Manager, Network Service System Division, NEC Corporation
Mr. Kazuo Shimazaki joined NEC Corporation in 1981 after graduating from the University of Tokyo with a degree in electrical engineering. He has been involved in software development for electrical switching, intelligent networks, ATM switching systems, and various server systems such as i-mode and a ring back tunes platform. Currently, he is a senior manager responsible for the development and marketing value added systems including media processing worldwide. His major focus today is on value added solutions for future IMS or FMC networks, and investigating effective harmonization with client software in W-CDMA/CDMA1.x handsets.

Sunsay Passarii, Vice President — VAS & Sevices, Essar Teleholdings Ltd. & BPL Mobile Communications Ltd.
Sunzay Passari is currently working as Vice President – VAS & Devices with Essar Teleholdings Ltd & BPL Mobile Communications Ltd. In his present role, he is responsible for the development, deployment and business of all Value Added Services, Content and Applications across all operating telecom companies of Essar Group, within India and internationally. In addition he is also spearheading development of innovative 2G and low cost 3G devices for India and developing markets. He is a pioneer in introducing mobile data services in India. He is has successfully launched R-World for Reliance Infocomm Ltd. and TataZone for Tata Teleservices Ltd. He has extensive experience in introducing value added services across platforms – Voice, SMS, USSD, Java, Brew, MMS, WAP, LBS, Streaming, Video etc. He has in depth understanding of mobile telecom and device technologies, with equally sharp business acumen and creative bent. After spending almost a decade in financial world – capital markets and private equity business, he decided to take a plunge into emerging wireless telecom arena. And over the last decade, he is credited with bringing in VAS cult in India, by launching many innovative products and services.

Ranganath Venkat, Head Voice Platforms, Bharti Airtel
Mr. Ranganath Venkat is the Head of Voice Platforms at Bharti Airtel based in New Delhi, India. In this role, he is heading the VAS voice business for India operations. Mr. Venkat initially headed the Gujarat state’s value added services for 2 years at Airtel. He was responsible for the new product development process as well as introducing retail business of VAS in the Gujarat state. Before Airtel, he worked with a company called Bidco Oil Refineries, whereby he was a consultant for e-commerce for about a year. He was instrumental in the e-business implementation process for the company. Mr. Venkat is an electronic engineer and he is a post graduate of Mumbai University with a degree in e-business marketing.

Mobile Video