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Supply Chain Excellence

Creating Value with Industry-Leading Supply Chain Management
NMS is committed to managing our supply chain in a way that improves customer satisfaction and profits for all partners in the value chain. We’re also committed to a consistent, high standard of performance that includes competitive lead times to customers, significantly reduced inventories, world-class product quality, and reduced process and product complexity.

Our supply chain vision was built on, and continues to be measured by, the following principles:

  • Quality Leadership
    Our entire supply chain vision is built on superior product and process quality.
  • Customer Focused
    Operationalized supply chain to deliver the performance and the results telecommunication customers expect.
  • Driven by Demand
    Synchronized manufacturing and procurement to customer demand, and rapid response with compressed lead times.
  • Collaborative Partnerships
    Collaborative partnerships are a core competence in the NMS supply chain. That’s why we have teamed up with the best in the business.
  • Design for Supply Chain
    Our products are designed to be easy to manufacture, test, and source materials.
  • Integrated Information Systems
    NMS combines a "best-of-breed" set of supply chain applications to provide multi-echelon supply chain visibility and enhanced decision making.

We create superior supply chain performance by working with the realities of the telecommunications equipment industry and by pushing the limits of conventional thinking.

The NMS Telecommunications Equipment Supply Chain

Our practices create a flexible and scalable supply chain that can respond rapidly to meet ongoing customer demands, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and faster cash conversion cycles for all supply chain partners.

The Telecommunications Supply Chain

In the NMS supply chain, companies that establish the most effective partnerships, designed to support end-customer requirements, will win. But partnering in the current environment means more than selection of the lowest cost alternative.

We deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction and maintain our flexible, scalable supply chain by carefully selecting partners that understand the market demands and the value of our approach to supply chain management.

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