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Mobile and IP Video

With the extension of mobile technology to include support for multimedia capabilities, a wide range of revolutionary new applications is now possible. For service providers looking to increase revenue, new video communication applications represent an exciting market opportunity. One of the keys to driving these innovative services is live and streaming video content.

NMS offers developers and equipment manufacturers the leading-edge communication building blocks they need to deliver multimedia enhanced services in both today's and tomorrow's networks. The Open Access Universal Port allows for video, voice and data connections in a single application- no need to dedicate specific ports for specific functions. The Natural Access/Video Access and Software Video Transcoder libraries provide the software APIs and services to manage and deploy both IP and mobile video services across NGN and IMS networks. Vision VoiceXML Server supports an integrated 3G video gateway as well as extensions to the VoiceXML scripting language to fully support VXML based applications to 3G UTMS handsets.


Mobile Video