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Analog Telephony Boards

Product Data Sheets

AG 2000

    PCI, 8-port voice processing boards

AG 2000C

    CompactPCI analog telephony interface board with on-board DSP resources

CX 2000

    Analog station interfaces

About the products…

The analog telephony platforms combine media processing with loopstart and subscriber loop network interfaces and are available in PCI and CompactPCI form factors. The chart below will help you select the product to meet your needs in a variety of applications.

Board AG 2000 AG 2000C CX 2000 CX 2000C
Network Interface Loopstart, Subscriber loop Loopstart Subscriber loop Subscriber loop
Trunks 0, 4, 8 8, 16, 20, 24 16, 32 32, 48
PC Bus PCI CompactPCI PCI CompactPCI

See also: Chart (PDF) comparing all media processing platforms

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