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Digital PSTN Boards

Product Data Sheets

AG 2000-BRI

    PCI boards offering 2 or 4 ISDN BRI connections (4 or 8 ports)

AG 4040

    DSP and digital PSTN interface PCI and CompactPCI telephony boards

About the products…

The digital PSTN platforms combine media processing with either ISDN BRI or T1/E1 network interfaces and are available in PCI and CompactPCI form factors. The chart below will help you select the product to meet your needs for digital PSTN connectivity in a variety of applications.

Board AG 2000-BRI AG 4040 AG 4040C
Network Interface ISDN BRI T1/E1 T1/E1
Trunks 2, 4 1, 2, 4 2, 4
  VoIP Gateway      
  IP Media Server      
  Video Gateway  

See also: Chart (PDF) comparing all media processing platforms

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