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AdvancedTCA (ATCA)

The Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA or ATCA) is an open industry specification for building high-performance telecommunications and data communications systems. Developed by the PICMG consortium, AdvancedTCA is now poised to make considerable inroads into a market that has traditionally been dominated by vertically integrated proprietary systems.

The PICMG 3.0 Series of specifications for AdvancedTCA incorporates the latest trends in high-speed interconnect technologies, next-generation processors, and improved reliability, manageability, and serviceability. Specifically, the AdvancedTCA architecture:

  • Meets the evolving needs of the communications network infrastructure
  • Provides functionality required to implement rugged, highly available, network-quality systems
  • Supports wireless, wireline, and optical network elements
  • Provides high levels of service availability (99.999% or more) for the central office environment
  • Offers scalable performance and capacity Reduces development time and total cost of ownership Features an open architecture and modular COTS components, sourced by a dynamic, interoperable, multi-vendor market

NMS and AdvancedTCA
For more than 20 years, NMS has been a leader in technology innovation and standardization, including AdvancedTCA. NMS has been actively involved in the development of the specification and in subsequent industry interoperability events. Building on this experience, NMS has shipped the first commercially available media processing blade — the MG 7000A. Featuring a powerful combination of high-speed IP packet handling, four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, high-density DSP voice media processing power, and optional T1/E1/J1 interfaces, the MG 7000A is the perfect choice for a wide range of network-based applications including IP media servers and enhanced service platforms . Follow the links below to learn more about the MG 7000A and AdvancedTCA.

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