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Host Media Processing

With the increased performance of general-purpose processors, much of the voice processing that once required dedicated digital signal processors (DSPs) can now be performed with software-only solutions on standard servers running Windows or Linux. This new model, commonly called host media processing, or HMP, performs the important media processing functions of a communications application without any special-purpose telephony hardware. In the HMP model, toll-grade audio is transported as voice over IP (VoIP) through the Ethernet network interface and all media processing occurs in the host CPU.

Our PacketMedia HMP software provides the tools and functions for developers to create innovative media processing applications that run on general-purpose PCs. Supporting applications as diverse as IP media servers, voice portals, IP-based announcement servers, and VoIP telephony testing systems, PacketMedia HMP includes rich functionality for comprehensive interactive voice response, DTMF generation and detection, speech encoding and decoding, and VoIP packetization.

PacketMedia HMP gives developers and OEMs the freedom and flexibility to build high-value media processing applications in a single unified development environment and then run and deploy on their “silicon of choice” — either PacketMedia HMP software on general-purpose PCs or NMS’ powerful digital signal processing (DSP) platforms.

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