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Open Access Family of Boards and Software

Ready to Build Next-Generation Multimedia Applications

Live, streaming two-way video. Speech-enabled call centers. VoIP conferencing. Prepaid call processing. Applications like these are capturing the hearts and dollars of telecom customers.

The Open Access family of boards and software allows developers to create innovative products that take advantage of converged fixed and mobile networks and deliver technology-savvy solutions to their customers.

Open Access delivers media processing and network signaling solutions for creating enhanced voice, data, and video applications and services. These open, scalable, high-density building blocks give developers the processing power and capacity needed to rapidly develop an ever-increasing array of next-generation services — now and in the future.

When you choose Open Access, you get all the expertise and experience NMS has gained in delivering enabling technology to major equipment suppliers for over 20 years. We provide everything you need to succeed: a broad range of products, strong technical support, powerful partnerships, and a reliable supply chain.

Why Open Access?
  • Innovation — Enabling technology for the next generation of network services
  • Experience — Over 20 years developing solutions for top telecom suppliers
  • Evolution — Standards-based and IMS-ready components
  • Flexibility — Solutions that are easy to expand or enhance
  • Breadth — Signaling, media and network interfaces, plus broad OS support

To learn more about Open Access boards and software, follow one of the links below.

Mobile Video