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Developing Voice SMS Applications with NMS

Advances in wireless technology are enabling operators to offer robust applications while leveraging the power of today’s converged networks. With constant changes in the telecom industry, application developers and telecom operators are continually striving to develop innovative services to meet market demands and to increase average revenue from the subscribers. While advanced multimedia applications like mobile TV and video are being touted as the next killer apps to revolutionize the market, voice still remains a driving force. Take for example SMS — the largest and most successful mobile application available today. By adding voice to SMS capabilities, SMS can easily become faster, easier, and more personal without changing its inherent interoperability and ease-of-use benefits and can easily be added to a wireless infrastructure with minimal impact.

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Solutions from NMS

NMS provides the building blocks needed to develop and deploy a robust and fail-safe voice messaging system. NMS’s Vision VoiceXML Server is specifically designed for speech-enabled applications such as Voice SMS within PSTN and VoIP networks. It supports the industry-standard VoiceXML scripting language, as well as additional extensions based on XML that allow for outbound dialing, caller authorization, and information collection of caller details.

Figure 1: Voice SMS Platform 

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